Now that you’ve set a goal, it’s time to create your fundraising campaign. Will you run a 5k, email all your friends and family, or organize a weekly coffee stand at your school to help reach your goal? Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling:

  • Think about your talents and interests: You could fundraise by putting together a dance performance, or ask friends and family to pledge a dollar for every goal you score at soccer games this year. Love baking? Put together a cookie sale at a game day or a community center.
  • Consider your community: What type of event would your community enjoy? A themed event? A non-dress code day at your school? Try to brainstorm an event specific to your local community.
  • Check out our inspiration page: There are unlimited options for fundraisers, so let that creativity fly!

All your fundraising doesn’t have to occur through one event or strategy. Many Impact Ambassadors will run a few different types of fundraising initiatives in order to reach as many donors as possible. You can raise funds through a variety of different events and strategies, rather than all at once.

Still feeling stuck? Head over to the Impact Ambassador Facebook Page, where you can brainstorm with other IA’s about your project!